Friday, January 2, 2015

One-Strand Braided Dinner Rolls: A How-To Photo Tutorial

One-Strand Braided Dinner Rolls
A How-To Photo Tutorial 

I think everyone is familiar with the basic dinner roll shapes: Round rolls, Crescent rolls, Clover-leaf rolls, and Parker House rolls.  Every so often, however, I find I want something a bit more Special; something not so 'ordinary'.  Something a bit, well, a bit 'More'.  Recently a friend shared a video on my Facebook page on how to make shaped breads (maybe you saw it--I shared it on my blog's Facebook page, following this link *should* take you to the video: Challah .  Just be aware it's not in English--Hebrew, I think).  I've watched it several times and thought I'd show you how to make the One-Strand Braided Rolls in a step-by-step Photo Tutorial. 
You'll need one recipe of your favorite Bread Dough (here is mine )

Knead it a few turns, until it is smooth and looks like this:
(If you're using store-bought dough, you may not need to knead) 

Pinch off a piece of Dough, about this size of an in-hull Walnut (or a large golf ball--it's hard to know how to describe the amount needed)

 Roll it out into a long strand, about 12 inches long.

Look at the Dough Strand and mentally divide it into Thirds:

Bring the left side over onto the right side, at the Third position.  Your strand should look like a sideways 'b'.

Now take the right 'tail' and bring it into the center 'loop' of the 'b'.

Now twist the loop

And pull the 'tail' through.  If you have a lot of 'tail left, tuck it under the roll.  You may also want to stretch out some of the strands underneath to make them more visible, if needed.

Here it is, Step-by-Step:

 "Then said they unto Him,
Lord, evermore give us this bread.
And Jesus said unto them,
I am the Bread of Life:
he that cometh to Me shall never hunger;
and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst." 
John 6:34, 35

And here is a slight variation.  You'll start the same way, with a sideways 'b'.

But this time, twist your strand first, before tucking in the 'tail'.

Then bring the 'tail' over and tuck it into the 'loop'

Twist the 'loop' again

And bring the remainder of the 'tail' up through

Here are the two twists:  On the left, as instructed first; on the right, second instructions.

Let your rolls rise until doubled, then bake at 350* for 12-15 minutes.  Cool on a cooking rack and enjoy!

Here are the finished results:  top, first instructions; bottom, second instructions.

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