Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I've Learned

Things I've learned:

1/4 cup dried minced Onion is not equivalent to 1/4 cup chopped fresh Onion.  Not at all.
This was the first thing I learned.  It was a very onion-y meatloaf.  I was in about the 7th grade.

Hot tap water is not the same as boiling water.  Nope.  Huh-uh.  It's not.  The Jello won't dissolve in tap water. And no, it won't set up if it doesn't dissolve.
Found this out the hard way.  But our Sunday dinner company was gracious and ate the Lime Pear Pudding Sauce without complaining.

 It is possible to flop a cake mix.  Twice.  In one day.

Don't grease your pie plates when you are baking pie shells.  You'll end up with 5-inch cookies that taste like pie dough.  And you'll have to re-make the pie dough.

Make certain that your Crock-Pot works.  Before you invite company home from church.

Check to see if your honey even likes Artichokes before serving them as the main dish.

It is possible to burn the bottom out of a brand-new pressure canner on the first use.
It's a long story.

Always seed the Jalapenos before canning them. 

What have you learned?


Beth said...

that despite it all you are an excellent cook! We were smitten at supper. =)

I've learned...that it helps to remember to set the timer.

Not to be proud of your pie dough before baking said pie w/o setting the timer to put the crust shield on said pie. It will burn every time! My honey kindly ate his anniversary pie burnt crust and all.

Not to try to fit 2 expanding loaves of artesian bread on one smallish cookie sheet.

Not to start canning at 9pm at night...just doesn't always work out well =)

That if you leave the cherry vinegar under the sewing cabinet and keep ignoring it and keep ignoring it...for almost a year...the vinegar will grow stuff. NOT cherries!

Oh the list could go on as I am far from a learned cook. Fun post...can't wait to see what others admit too =)

Oh, and last but not least, when having company - esp. your husbands old boss, don't put the mashed potato casserole into the oven with the plastic lid on...argh!

lisa said...

Tee, hee! I've learned a few of the same things! What happened to the canner? That sounds scary!
I'm enjoying your posts!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear you tell the pressure canner story out loud! I can only imagine:).....One thing is for sure the longer I am the head cook here at home the more I realize I know very little about how to do any of it - yet they still keep coming back for more! Thanks for the good laugh today!

Lana said...

Great post. Ive had my experiences but too old to remember except this large scale one. Put double the salt in rice for dinner four hundred and then for wedding the next day for 300. Got so many complements on the rice too. It was served with sweet and sour hawiann style chicken. Maybe the sauce cut salt. After that I taste and retaste! Lana Wray

Janice said...

Haha! I just learned that same lesson about seeding the jalapenos before canning. I have several jars sitting on the shelf that look very pretty but could only be eaten by someone with an iron tongue and digestive system :)

I've also learned (3 pampered chef bakers later) that you simply cannot put your stoneware on burners that have been left on. It will explode every. single. time.

I've learned that red velevet cake mix can turn your kitchen into something that very closely resembles a crime scene.

I've learned that using all salt instead of sugar in a pie makes the recipient of your gift think that you don't actually want them to live.

And the list goes on....and will go on, I'm sure!! :) Loved this post. I share your affinity for old cookbooks too. So charming!