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Notion to Sew
Button and Notion Matching Service

Boutique Buttons catering Especially to the Home Seamstress

Buttons:  An eclectic collection of small Buttons in over 900 unique shapes and colors, collected from around the world! Buttons available are mostly 1/2-inch (ranging from 7/16" to 9/16"); a few are smaller (3/8") and a handful are larger (5/8").  Some types of buttons I have include:
  • Shank
  • Sew-through (2-hole) (dressy)
  • Shell (2-hole)
  • Czech Glass
  • Rhinestone or sparkle center
  • Square, rectangular, hexagon and other geometric shapes
  • Metal Buttons, including silver, pewter, and bronze tones
  • Special Occasion (over $0.90/button)

Zippers:  YKK Beulon zippers in 14-, 16-, and 18-inch lengths.  These are a very nice flexible, lighter weight zipper which sew in smoother.  Try them, love them! Available in 45 different colors.

   14" zipper: $2.00    16" zipper: $2.05    18" zipper: $2.15

Thread:  Mettler's Metrosene-Plus Polyester thread in a 164-yard spool.  One spool is plenty for 1 dress with apron, and is 30% more thread than other brand's small spool.  This is a very high quality thread which does not pill and fuzz as much as other brand's threads.  Available in 238 colors.  $2.90/spool. 

Other Items:  Maxi-Lock Serger Thread, Snaps, Luxrite Hairnets, a variety of Hairpins, Sewing Pins, Schmetz Machine Needles, Pilot Frixion Ball Pens (heat and friction erasable marking pens), and Children's "invisible" pencil picture books for Church.

Approximate Shipping Charges in the US:
$1.00  Flat sew-through Buttons for 1-2 dresses
$2.50  Shank Buttons for 1 to 12 or more dresses
$2.50  Buttons and Zippers for up to 5 dresses
$3.00  Buttons, Zippers, and Thread for 1-2 dresses
$3.50  Buttons, Zippers, and Thread for 3-10 dresses

I would be happy to help you with matching Buttons and Notions.  For Notions to match your fabric, please email me at and I will provide you with an address for mailing your material (a piece of material approximately 2"x2" is ideal).  There is no extra charge for this service.

Pictured are just a few of the 900 different Buttons available

Corozo Buttons



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