Thursday, June 23, 2016

Carne Asada for a Crowd

Carne Asada
for a Crowd

Plan ahead--start marinating the day before!

5  pounds  Carne Asada, cut in slices, not cubes; if your grocery doesn't carry Carne Asada, ask the butcher to cut a roast (we prefer Chuck Roast) into 1/4-inch slices

For the Marinade:
3-3/4  Cups  Cilantro, roughly chopped 
4  large  Red Onions, roughly chopped
2/3  Cup  White Wine Vinegar
1-1/4  Cups  Lime Juice
2-1/2  Cups  Olive Oil
1  head  Garlic, crushed about 20 cloves
2-1/2  teaspoons  Cumin
3  Tablespoons  Kosher Salt  use less if using table salt
1-2 heaping teaspoons  Chipotle Chili Powder
 2  7-oz. cans  Chipotle Chilis in Adobo

For Serving:
Burrito-size Tortillas
Queso Fresco (Cotija)
Crema Fresca
Grilled Corn
Lime Wedges
Pickled Jalapenos and Carrots

Place Carne Asada in a 2-gallon zip-top bag.

Mix together all Marinade ingredients; reserve 1/5 of Marinade and refrigerate for later use.  Pour remaining 4/5 over Carne Asada and refrigerate 12 to 24 hours (I recommend 24 hours), turning several times to marinate thoroughly.

Grill Carne over a very hot grill (450*-550*) until done, about 2-3 minutes per side.  Roughly chop meat, trimming fat as needed.  Place Carne in slow cooker and pour the reserved Marinade over meat, stirring to coat well.  Simmer on Low for 2-4 hours to blend flavors.

Serve with your favorite toppings.  Serves about 20 adults.

" all things we are
more than conquerors
through Him that loved us.
For I am persuaded that neither
death, nor life, nor angels,
nor principalities, nor powers,
nor things present, nor things to come,
nor height, nor depth,
nor any other creature,
shall be able to separate us from the love of God,
which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 8:37-39

I like love Taco Truck Burritos.  Want to make me happy? bring me a burrito.  Nothing tastes better after a hard Saturday's work in the yard than an extra-spicy Burrito with loads of lime juice and an icy Pepsi with more lime juice.  I've been trying to mimic Taco Truck Burritos, and it's been a year-long challenge on several different levels:  1) I'm not Hispanic, and haven't grown up cooking with all the 'proper' ingredients, so I've had to stumble through finding the right flavors, and 2) it seems like each time I have a Burrito from a Taco Truck--and it's always the same truck--it tastes slightly different.  So, if you're familiar with the, shall I say, 'authentic' or 'proper' way to make a Taco Truck Burrito and I'm not doing some step in the process right, let me know.  I'd love your feedback.  And Enjoy!


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