Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies

{for your little cookie monsters}

1  pound  Butter
2  pounds  Brown Sugar
4  Cups  White Sugar
12  Eggs
2  Tablespoons  Vanilla
8  teaspoons  Baking Soda
3 pounds Peanut Butter
18  Cups  Old Fashioned Oatmeal
1  pound  Chocolate Chips
1  pound  M&M Candies

Cream together the Butter, Brown Sugar and White Sugar until light and fluffly.  Stir in the Eggs, Vanilla, and Baking Soda.  Blend in the Peanut Butter.  Gently stir in the Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips, and M&Ms.  Bake at 350* until done, about 10 to 12 minutes.

I convect bake three baking sheets at 350*, removing the top tray at 10 minutes and baking the two remaining trays for an additional 2 minutes.  This recipe will yield approximately 11-1/2 dozen cookies using a 3-ounce cookie scoop.

And this is what 11-1/2 dozen cookies looks like:

Oh, wait.  There's more over here:

What is in your cookie jar?


deborah said...

I wish I was close enough to come get some of these for my cookie jar!! :)

Best cookies ever!!

Beth Cover said...

Deb, the next time I hear she has made these, I say we plan a little raid...hehe!

Actually, my sisters claim that the cookie monster lives here. Sarah was asking if we could make cookies on her "mother's helper day....hmmm, I'd better go to the store first! Have you ever priced the ingredients per dozen?

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

My favorite cookie recipe ever! I actually have it in the works to share on my blog lol :)

Homegrown Roots said...

And she brought them up to share with us at Family Camp! :) They were all devoured with none leftover too! Best cookie ever! Thanks Carolyn! :)