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Cheap Eats >> Asian Orange-Glazed Drumsticks

Cheap Eats >>
Asian Orange-Glazed Drumsticks

Hands-On Time: 7 minutes
Total Time:  40 minutes

1/2  Cup  Orange Marmalade
1  teaspoon  Chili-Garlic Sauce (found in the Asian section of the grocery)
1  Dozen  Chicken Drumsticks, skin on
Salt and Black Pepper

Heat oven to 400*.  In a small bowl, mix the Marmalade and Chili-Garlic Sauce.

Season the Drumsticks with Salt and Pepper.  Roast on a foil-lined baking sheet for 20 minutes.  Baste with half of the Marmalade/Chili-Garlic Sauce.  Continue roasting until Drumsticks are cooked through, about 20 minutes longer.  Top with the remaining Marmalade mixture the last 5 minutes of roasting.

Serve with Green Beans and Cornbread Muffins.

Serves 6.

Don't balk at purchasing a bottle of the Chili-Garlic sauce when only 1 teaspoon is needed--stir it into BBQ sauces to jazz them up a bit, or add to your soy-based marinades, or top your broiled Salmon with it, or, or, well, there's a lot of ways to use it up!

I fixed this Friday night for supper.  When the Little One ran in to take her place at the table and saw this, she exclaimed, "Oh, CHICKEN BONES!"  At her age I guess that she thinks that she "has arrived" when she is the one who gets to have the bone on her plate--the ultimate status symbol!  She ate two drumsticks--more than me.  If you'd like this to be a little spicier, you can add more Chili-Garlic to the Marmalade or skin the Drumsticks before roasting.

Adapted from Real Simple magazine, October 2009.

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deborah said...

My son loves drumsticks!

I need a recipe for black beans as a dish of their own. Preferably without chunks of onions or peppers, because my family doesn't do either one very well.. :)

Matthew and I love black beans. I also would like a really good black bean soup and I thought I'd see if you had any suggestions for either one!