Monday, November 7, 2011

What a Pintresting Week!

Well, last week sure was Pintresting!  It was time to start being a Doer and not just a Pinner.  Here are some of the things I had fun doing; thought you might enjoy doing them too!

This is my Autumn Brittle via Adventures in Cooking; yum, yum!  If you make this be sure to follow the directions Very Carefully; I scorched my first batch.

These are the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes we had for breakfast on Saturday:

 I actually didn't Pin this one myself, so I don't have a link to it, but here's how I made them:

I mixed
1  Cube  Softened Butter with
1  Tablespoon  Cinnamon and
1  Tablespoon  Sugar
and spooned it into my pastry bag which was fitted with an open round tip (I used a #6).   After my Buttermilk Pancakes were on the griddle and starting to rise, I squeezed the Cinnamon Butter onto the pancakes in a spiral shape and finished cooking and flipping the pancakes.  This amount of Cinnamon Butter was the right amount for a double-recipe of pancakes which fed our family of 6.

I've also been having a lot of fun making these Reversible Headbands from Happy Together.  One ended up going in our Christmas Shoebox, one more is at school on Elder Daughter's head, and yet one more has already been lost.  This is a quick, easy project that uses minimal fabric scraps and is ready to wear in 30 minutes.  I did end up trimming down the pattern to fit a child's head; the original is sized for adults.

And I've had fun making this really yummy Caramel Pear Butter from Knit and Nosh via Beth at Aria Gardens.  I made a 6-times recipe on Saturday and ended up with 20 pints.  My only change was to cut the Nutmeg amount down by half.

And I made the Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls from Beantown Baker and forgot to take a picture.  These were yummy but I want to try to make the Blueberry filling a little thicker than the Baker makes it.  Hopefully I'll get to it before Christmas.

If you "do" Pinterest, you can follow me at carolyn_miller1.  If you want to try out this virtual cork board of ideas and would like an invite, send me your email address. 

Now, if only I could somehow get the Pintrest button to attach to my sidebar...

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Rachel said...

We had cinnamon roll pancakes on Saturday also :) I did some with maple syrup instead, and like those too! They turned out looking nicer than the cinn. ones.
All your other stuff looks so good...but. I'm on weight watchers right now.