Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Had No Intention

I had no intention of decorating for Autumn this year.  None at all.  My one concession to the season was a wreath at the front door.  Sometimes, when I'm tired and overwhelmed, it's the little things, like decorating, that get set aside for the bigger necessities, like laundry and cleaning.

I still have no intention of decorating.

But sometimes best-made plans get changed.

Like when Daddy comes home and announces that one of his clients is finished picking his 12-acre pumpkin patch and that he (Daddy) has permission to glean a few pumpkins for the children to carve before the field is disked under.

So....  We all loaded up in the truck on Saturday to go glean a few pumpkins for the children.  I think the following photos will show how it's hard to stop at "just one" pumpkin a-piece.

(This was the Truck Bed)

We have had so much fun sharing all the pumpkins with Family and Friends.

And no, I still have no intention of decorating for Autumn.  My house is still just as messy as it was Saturday morning...  Must clean it up!

Happy Fall, Y'all!


deborah said...

Wow! How much fun is that! I love all the neat different pumpkins that are available. And a whole field to walk around and get what you want?!!! I'm thrilled even though I wasn't the one it happened to. :) Happy Fall! Bring on the pumpkins..

Holly said...

This post just makes me happy...and I enjoy the pumpkins on your sisters porch every time I go by that way:)

Living in the shoe said...

Those are beautiful! And I'm envious of those flowers I saw that haven't been killed by frost. :) Enjoy fall my friend!